TNCAP has shown itself to be effective in implementing environmental strategies that prevent or reduce youth alcohol and substance use. Our accomplishments include:

Raising Community Awareness

  • A safe community is everybody’s business. We provide information to the community at large through our monthly columns in the Bronx Times Reporter and through social media campaigns and messaging in the community.
  • TNCAP serves as an information and referral resource for any community group or organization on alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs & has provided thousands of pieces of literature on these topics.
  • TNCAP provides the “Talk. They Hear You.” prevention campaign to the community and schools all year long through presentations at community events and through parent coordinators sharing the “Talk. They Hear You.” mobile app with parents and educators. The “Talk. They Hear You.” campaign aims to reduce underage drinking and other substance use among youths under the age of 21 by providing parents and caregivers with the information and resources they need to address these issues with their children early and often.
  • Naloxone training is provided free to the community. Narcan Kits are distributed to anyone who has been trained.
  • Social media campaigns on substance use prevention were created by local high school youth and TNCAP facilitators. These public service announcements were shared via various social media platforms and websites.
  • TNCAP engages with the community at events throughout the year including an annual Town Hall on topics related to the prevention of youth substance use, the Throggs Neck Merchants Association Farmer’s Market, June through October, and a variety of local health fairs.
  • TNCAP’s Annual Poster Campaign for local schools provides a creative, engaging means to educate students about the risks of substance use, the importance of healthy choices, and caring for the community.
  • TNCAP conducts community surveys to gain insightful feedback regarding opinions on the prevention of youth substance access and use, from adults who live and/or work in the Throggs Neck community.

Supporting Enforcement of Laws

  • TNCAP collaborates with the local police to conduct compliance checks of bars, restaurants, and stores; to set up DWI checkpoints; and to monitor known “hotspots”.
  • TNCAP monitors the C Summonses written in the 45th Precinct to 16 & 17 yr. old who commit Quality of Life offenses.
  • The Alcohol Training Awareness Program (ATAP) offers a 2½ hour course to those who serve or sell alcohol that is approved and certified by the New York State Liquor Authority.

Advocating for Policy Change

  • In 2011, Community Board #10 initiated a policy whereby all businesses applying or reapplying for a liquor license are advised to take the Alcohol Training Awareness Program offered by TNCAP. Currently, training is offered monthly.
  • In 2012, Senator Jeff Klein led the New York State Legislature in passing a bill that allows the owner of a bar or restaurant to use evidence of participation in an Alcohol Training Awareness Program to receive 25% off a civil penalty and to use participation in this training as part of an affirmative defense.
  • In 2012, the New York State Legislature with the leadership of Senator Jeff Klein banned caffeine in alcoholic drinks like Four Loko.
  • TNCAP was able to create the first non-supervised Skate Park in NYC and continues to monitor its upkeep in partnership with the Parks Dept.
  • In 2005, in collaboration with the 45th Precinct and local lawmakers, TNCAP piloted the Parent Notification Letter for teens who receive a C -Summons; it became NYC-wide policy in 2011.
  • TNCAP’s collaboration with the Bronx Smoke-Free Partnership resulted in the Smoke-Free Parks & Beaches Act in 2011 in New York City.